• Gareth Cosgrove

Is two really better than one?

In the case of wedding photography I strongly believe so.

There is so much that can go wrong when photographing a wedding. Camera faults, memory card loss, sickness etc etc. The list is many.

A second photographer in this respect is your insurance policy both for the photographer and the bride and groom!

So now that the insurance policy is sorted what are the other benefits?

Wedding photography is changing from the traditional formal poses to candid photography telling the story of the day. Yes of course you still get your formal photographs but many couples want candid shots to capture the day!

People also feel much more relaxed when they don't know a camera is being pointed at them.

Having two photographers lets us get different angles, perspectives and importantly a range of photographs. Up close, distant etc.

I, Gareth Cosgrove Photography have teamed up with one of Co.Downs most talented photographers in Jonny McBride at JB Photography! Take a look at his website and you will see some of the amazing photos he has produced.

So there you have it! Two for pretty much the price of one...what can I say other than please lift the phone or drop me an email to discuss in more depth.

We work in a relaxed and fun way to help you enjoy your day without feeling the burden of a photographer tracking your every move.

As our strap line goes "Memories are captured through a photograph".

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